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The Book

One of the most heartbreaking experiences of my life was simply asking people questions about statements in the Bible because my life was about the Word of God. People and preachers rarely had any answer except “you have to just have faith.” With all the suffering in the world, as I was a child, it did not seem that faith was doing the job. So I went in search of my own answers, and this book is the surprising result.


My first surprise was that it seemed the Bible followed Darwin’s theory up until the creation of humans. Also, there seemed to be information that followed quantum physics. Then I noticed that Genesis gave the entire creation of life from Genesis 1:1 to Genesis 2:4, and then it seemed to start an entirely new book and go into the process of how it was done. I spent almost fifty years reading and studying, and one day I realized we are still in the sixth day of creation. Man has not reached the age of perfection yet. This is also in agreement with the ages of man and the ice age. It was at this time that I felt compelled to put it into a book.